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Public Storage is an American international self storage company headquartered in Glendale, California, that is run as a real estate investment trust (REIT). It is the largest brand of self-storage services in the US. In 2008, it was the largest of four publicly traded storage REITs. There are more than 2,200 Public Storage self-storage locations in the US, Canada and Europe. It also owns 42 percent of an office parks subsidiary, sells packing supplies, and provides other services. As a REIT, it is owned by real estate investors, who receive more than 90 percent of the company's profits as a return-on-investment.

A customer angrily mentioned, "Initially, I had a storage unit with Discount Storage. I received a letter in the mail stating Public Storage had taken over. Okay, no problem, so I thought. I logged in to my account to pay my bill and the amount due is $40 more. They have charged me monthly rent without applying my discount. I immediately called and left a detailed message regarding the amount being charged and the amount that I signed the contract to pay. In good faith, I paid the amount to avoid being charged a late fee, thinking this would be cleared up with no delay or issue. Midday next day, no one has contacted me, so I reached out.

The manager, Natorsha, while nice is unhelpful because her responsibilities are limited to answering the phone and relaying messages. After three days of me repeatedly calling, I finally speak to the District Manager, Tina. Tina must be part of the family because that is the only way she is still employed with this company. But then again, her actions most likely reflect the company's practices.

So anyhow, Tina comes to the phone radiating hostility and seems her sole purpose is to antagonize and bully the client. She met me with no resolve, was rude, disrespectful, lacked sufficient managerial and conflict resolution skills, and never truly listened. (She actually initiated conflict and continually interjected every time I began to speak.) Even after stating that multiple people stated they had been offered a discount, she still refused to honor such; even though I offered my receipts as documentation of what I had been paying. To keep confusion down and attempt to resolve the conflict without the continuation of a dead end, I stated, I would just like a refund and would remove my things from their facility. She stated, They don't offer refunds. I understood and accepted if they chose not to honor the previous owner's contract. However, they wanted to honor the clause of "no refunds." SCANDALOUS AND PITIFUL!!!

This company, Public Storage, is the epitome of what it means to be fraudulent thieves. In the welcome letter, they present themselves as a family friendly business, but nothing of the family that I would be proud to be a member of. If you value being respected as well as your hard earned money; PLEASE REFRAIN FROM DOING BUSINESS WITH PUBLIC STORAGE. They are not willing to compromise and don't have any core values which are often the foundation of the company and its success. The $1 deal, although it wasn't offered during my time of purchase, is just a hoax to later rob you of your hard earned money. Oh, and the letter did include penalties of a $20 late fee after the 6th day. If rent is not paid by the 31st of the month, you'll then be charged $61.50. If that isn't enough, a lien sale fee upon auction of $130. Do yourself, mental health, and blood pressure a favor and rent from ANY other company.

I never intended on being late on a payment, but, I certainly don't intend to ever do business with this company again; not even with their sister company(ies), if they exist. Lastly, if they truly have 1.3 million customers nationwide, today they have 1,299,999. Tina boasted about being over all the Louisiana locations, keep her in that position. As long as they continue to abide by the same measures, losing one customer a day per location will definitely prove to be detrimental to their continued financial success. Profitable business last because of high-quality customer service and client satisfaction, not the number of locations! People pay attention."


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Former Employee - Assistant Property Manager says

"Messy Employee and trainer very messy"

Former Employee - Property Manager says

"You’re a slave to the company but should be great full to have a job according to them"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Everything is a con with this company . For the amount of work they ask for is not worth not even close to what you get paid ."

Current Employee - Property Manager says

"No advancement for growth into upper management. Highest you can ever be is a KTP"

Former Employee - Property Manager says

"Corporate does not care about customers. Anyone working the office gets the backhand from the customer because of that"

Former Employee - Property Manager says

"Upper management, they lie to you and say there's room to grow with in but dont Promote within. If you dont keep track of your pay and mileage they will cheat you out your money. They use you but don't raise your pay with all the responsibility they give you."

Former Employee - RF Manager says

"No room for advancement , no raises, policies change every other month, turnover rate, stress over meeting numbers and extra work added due to customer non compliance."

Current Employee - Property Manager says

"Everything! Upper management are at home. Store employees at risk."

Former Employee - District Manager says

"Every publicly traded organization has three customers to prioritize: 1) the Wall Street customer (investors) 2) the external customer (those who purchase goods/services) and 3) the internal customer (the employee). Public storage has prioritized them in exactly that order. All questions, complaints, and concerns are looked at through a lens of "what will this do to the bottom line?" As a previous shareholder I can appreciate a focus on yielding returns and dividends, but as a former internal customer it was clear there was no balance in decision making. Front-line employees are paid minimum wage, or barely above, and asked to do unthinkable tasks due to the nature of the work. When asked why pay increases were so rare and unlikely, the response always referred back to Senior Leaderships approach that we can always "find more minimum wage people out there." As an internal employee that led front-line employees, you act as every department. You're required to lead R&M efforts, manage payroll, recruit vendors, handle customer escalations, manage IT issues, work with Legal department, manage operational projects, etc... There are NO SUPPORT PARTNERS to aid in any aspect of your job. Successful organizations have layers of support built in to support their most important customer: the internal one. Public Storage elects to remove those layers to reduce costs. There are no pay raises for any level of leadership. There is an annual offer of Restricted Stock Units that required 5 years minimum to vest and are consistently reducing in value due to the stock price falling. The work conditions are horrible and the environment is toxic for anyone with an executive maturity level seeking to grow their career. As a district manager your phone is never off. Minimum wage employees that realize they're not valued simply can't be reliable. District Managers are required to do the entry-level position at work as a Property Manager when the staffing model restricts payroll and resources. There were countless times where a peer or I had to work at a property and do our "day job" simultaneously. This is not a CAREER. This is a JOB that is designed to churn and burn when your best work is completed with promises of promotion that are not fulfilled."

Current Employee - Manager says

"Public storage is a company ran on greed. They do not care about their store level employees at all. Even with the current covid-19 situation they refuse to close their doors, adjust hours, or do anything to limit exposure to their employees. The bottom line with this company is make all the money at all costs. Even if it means putting their employees health at risk. No way of moving up in the company. No real growth."

Relief Manager (Former Employee) says

"The pay sucks. Your constantly lying to customers. Put your life in danger during auctions because people come back angry when their stuff is sold. You don’t fully receive 40 hours for full time. No opportunity to gain more hours. Free timeEverything else"

Relief Manager (Former Employee) says

"All Public Storage cares about is making money. You will have to learn scripts and sell merchandise and insurance to potential customers. I will be brief No Pay Raises, No Promotions. Only the upper management gets compensated and treated well. Great job for someone who is looking to perform a lot of tasks for a low wages.Some autonomy and they provide shirts and name tagsPoorly maintained facilities, low wages, have to work on Saturdays and Sundays, etc."

Relief Manager Public Storage (Current Employee) says

"They start you off at 10.50 the pay is horrible for all the job duties you perform the district managers make all the money while employees are barely making it paycheck to paycheck"

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Public storage and most of its employees as well as district managers are very unprofessional. They speak on other employees personal business as well as work related issues to other employees As well. I was with this company for 5+ years and over that period of time seen good employees come and go due to the poor leadership skills and just messy conduct of the District and regional managers. The pay is not nearly enough for the amount of stress and pressure the company puts on you. In a sense you are just a number to them and can and will easily be replaced. Being a property manager you live on site and don’t pay rent pg&e or garbage that’s the only pro.You are just a number to them not a person"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Honestly, lack of opportunities. People who don’t care about their jobs. It’s just a job. Not a career. Non trustworthy culture. Pushing sales even when not warranted for low pay.NothingEverything"

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Unless you don't mind being a exterminator, janitor, security officer, plumber. Those are all tasks you will complete as a Relief manager OR a Property manager as I was. When you are hired you are considered a relief manager. That means you travel 30 - 40 miles to other locations to work. You need a very reliable vehicle that can endure heavy interstate driving every day. Once you are promoted to Property manager you don't get a raise. You get paid a very small amount for travel time and they don't pay correctly. The pay periods are weird and they WILL not PAY you if you forget to approve your time daily. If you enjoy picking up dead and alive rats, snakes, roaches and spiders daily then Public Storage is great for you. I enjoyed my job until my DM transfered. A new guy was hired with an agenda that I was not welcome to. And the benefits are astronomical. If you think you will be able to afford good medical benefits be prepared to fork over half to almost your entire check. District 76 needs better upper management. If you don't kiss there butt they treat you like a dog. I have personally been through so much. On the initial interview I had to drive to another city. That should have been a red flag, but I really needed a job so I went. It wasn't worth it though a year and six months later I quit. I couldn't take it anymore. I can deal with a lot at a job, but I can't deal with being targeted. Some bad employees in high places will purposely train you incorrectly so that you fail. NoneThey hire and discriminate. District 76 only hires women."

Call Center Sales Agent (Former Employee) says

"The worst job ever, no type of job security. you have to force customers into doing a reservation. The management sucks and the systems never work. Public storage pay you on your commissions ever month so you don't make anything but 15.00 not 20.00.nonemanagement, highly stressful, challaging"

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Expected to do a lot of heavy work, hard work goes unnoticed. Poor management no support, team is not shown any appreciation for many obstacles that you go through, lots of verbal abuse from customers.BenefitsEverything else"

Propery Manager/Trainer/Morale Officer (Former Employee) says

"Upper management lies and uses personal bias/favoritism. Makes employees responsible for things not within their control. I learned that the company is dishonorable.NoneFraudulent upper management."

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company does not care about their employees. It is all about the money..they continue to ask for more and more but no compensation. Some properties have rodent problems and they expect the employee to handle it. Only concerned about making more money. Raise the customers rents frequently making it hard for the employee to keep customers. Always pushing for sales of merchandise but only compensation goes to the District Managers and above. Was promised a bonus when I signed on, then it was taken away therefore no advancement within-they bring in DM with no experience and expect the employees to train them with no incentive. Not a good company to work for.some properties offer a apartment, but they push that in your face when asking for a raise or any incentivesWith the right management, it was a fun company. They monitor you on camera instead of coming to the property and help out."

Office Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible place to work . Have to clean public restrooms that the public abuse. It was disgusting. You work hard and are paid poorly. You are basically a collection agent.NoneEverything"

Property Relief Manager (Current Employee) says

"This job sucks the managers are messy they have pics and they don’t trust u nor do they value you. This company will roll u over at your expense I would never work for them again. They treat customers and employees badly"

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Are you looking for a minimum wage, glorified Janitor working every weekend while constantly being micro managed by district manger? This is the job for you! Be prepared to work while constantly looking over your shoulder from the corporate level while being written up for not performing EVERYTHING they ask perfectly. Biggest perk is getting to clean cob webs on storage doors in the heatNonePay, Micro-Managed, Mandatory Weekend work, Virtually NO Vacation accrued"

PROPERTY MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work, it’s all about favoritism and they have you do all that work for the lowest pay in the storage Industry! Look elsewhere this place is disgusting."

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked for this company for 2 years . I’ve seen over 3 different managers in that spare time . The company only thinks of Themselves and What they can do to make the company more money . NOT YOU , the COMPANY!! They terminate who they want easily ! And keep other bad apples . They don’t give no type of benifits!! You cannot move up . I’ve seen people working for this company over 14 years and they’re only a KTP . No type of advancement. The pay is horrible . This chain is basically tho lowest storage company . You’re better off at extra space of life storageNothingEverything !! No advancement and favoritism. You’ll be annoyed and ready to quit after 3 months"

Assistant Property Manager/Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Whatever you do if you want to work for storage work at StoragePro or A-1, even Uhaul, anywhere but public storage . They are a terrible company and have serious legality issues"

Property Manager (Former Employee) says

"Stay away, its that simple. Management is mess from District Managers to regional managers and up. No room from growth and no raises, they only care if you clean and if you sell lock/merch and that useless insurance. Expectations are not realistic and you get scripted every time you see management. The apartment's are not great, it's like washing someone else's underwear and giving it you to wear"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"No qualifications required at all. Imagine a sales job that u get no benefit or bonus. No rooom for promotion just to the relief poition or pm for 50 cents. Only 3 holidays so good luck getting days off. No pay raise or rewards How about 30 min to go get lunch. Scripts and more scripts. Definately a in between job. They lie to u when they hire you. Huge turnover"

Property Manager (Current Employee) says

"The job duties are a joke no real training worked through a pandemic no gloves or masks all they wanted was to be open they gave $3 more a hour and made you feel like you should appreciate it. The worst low paying job I ever had"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I was a customer service rep in Arizona and after 3 years I walked out. The call center in Gilbert is full of managers who are clicked up with certain employees, who hang out outside of work, then come to work & barely do any work. Why work when your "manager" allows you to do the minimum. Mandatory OT call after call while the managers sit in their office a d gossip about the employees. I over heard a team lead speaking bad about a employee so I walked out. Left my computer on amd I was done with public storage"

Lisa says

"The Centreville location has very unprofessional poor customer service skills. You do not inactivate access to a good standing customer without allowing the customer to inactivate and cancel their account status with a business just because they removed their lock on there storage unit and returned within that day that was a very improper service."

Valerie Franklin says

"The Public Storage at 7112 Albemarle Rd in Charlotte NC is the worst. They have a rude staff, dirty facility with giant roaches, no dolly to transport your items, broken bathroom, managers don't return consumer calls. Then they went up on the rent without notice. Can things get any worse. Yes, the gate is constantly broken which violates your items really being secure. Thank God I found a newer facility that is not scary to visit to check on or obtain my things when i need to versus only going there during the day.
Public Storage you ought to be ashamed of the conditions listed above!! You could at least sweep the hallways and possibly spray for bugs.
Im outta there!!"

Vernonmims says

"I went into public storage on 8525 N. Lamar and the Lady name Nattlie Haynes was very pleasant and knew how to help with space I needed. We need more workers like her."

Manny says

"Charging a fee to pay by phone?? Ridiculous"

j ray says

"Close at 6pm and now they charge you to pay them over the automated phone service. Because the Ai works so hard!? So online or through the app is pretty much your only alternative. Which means more info you have to trust them to keep secure. And when they're breached we'll get a: whoops... until the class action comes."

Mariya says

"Your company is a fraud u change rates month to month but I figured out how to get around your rip-off business model!!!!"

Laurel Grayson says

"STAY AWAY !!!!Management and corporation both stated no consideration will be given for lateness(even during these times) this is for Dec 20 payment and I was charged $50; today 2 Jan 21 I received an email stating my unit was being prepared for auction and I was charged another $50 ; email stated full amount must be paid for Dec 20 and Jan ; I made payment and was told I had to come in to place a lock on my unit because they cut it off; I wonder if they inventoried my items; the locks cost $21; STAY AWAY!!!"

Kewanna Cigales says

"The facility itself is fine but their pricing model is predatory and deceptive. I was lured in with an introductory rate. When I arrived at the facility I was told I would be required to purchase insurance for another $15/month. After exactly 6 months, I receive an email saying my rate has been “adjusted” so now my bill with the required insurance is $148/month instead of the $99 they advertised. These business practices are despicable and disproportionately impact the most vulnerable members of our community."

Annetta Peace says

"Not good. The same girl I seen in you tube throwing chicken at a kfc manager and got arrested.
Here's the link... they won't let me post link. Just Type throwing chicken at kfc"

Steve says

"I was very disappointed when after a snow and ice storm there was absolutely NO attempt to plow or otherwise make the walkways and driveways safe to walk or drive. This site does have a site manager so its perplexing why they couldn't at least let a snow removal company in through the gate. Had I reviewed the site after this storm and seen how difficult it would be to simply walk into the building I would not have chosen this location."

Elizabeth Acosta says

"I found my space dirty, on the floor there was like sand, I cleaned it with hand wipes and when I went to the ladies' bathroom, the toilet was dirty, it hasn't been cleaned for a long time. There was no paper for hands or machine.

My unit is 4073"

T Rusch says

"I downsized my unit in December 21. I was told that the door to my new unit was malfunctioning and I’d be contacted when it was fixed. I was also told i had to be out of our current unit by December 31. I didn’t get a call that the door had been fixed until December 31 at 10:30 AM leaving me about 8 hours to move all of our stuff. On New Years Eve. To honor our commitment I spent about 8 hours on New Years Day (a holiday) with my two sons moving our items. Very disappointing."

M H Hopkins says

"Public Storage seems to have a standard policy of raising rates after 3-6 months without disclosing this upfront. I, and others, simply receive a notification by email of our new rate which is about 23% higher than the initial NON-introductory rate. They know that once you are in it is a big inconvenience to move out, so this seems to me to be a premeditated "bait and switch." I would be glad to participate in a lawsuit if someone starts one. Otherwise, just beware that ALL beginning rates are "introductory" and they are probably lying if they tell you otherwise."

A New Customer says

"There were several problems initially setting up my new account with your website. I called the store manager who was excellent. She explained that your system only worked with a desktop or laptop and several people were experiencing the same problem I experienced with the online service booking. I was using my smartphone. I came in and she quickly assisted me in finalizing my new account.

The second reoccurring issue I am experiencing is I am unable to get access to my storage unit after 6 pm. I was told there is 24-hour access to my unit with my *code#. This has not happened on three or more occasions. This is frustrating, embarrassing, and inconvenient.

I know my code and verified it is correct but, can not get in after hours. My account is paid through January 1.

My other concern is I set up automatic bill pay from my account with the manager who assisted me but, I received an email stating I need to pay my account by January 1.

I called 800.507.9508 and the billing prompt confirmed the January 1 payment without my auto pay information.

Please update your system so people access their storage 24-hours with the code, can set up their account using a smartphone, and autopayment confirmation on your billing prompt.

These simple operating changes would equal an excellent service.

The facility is convenient at 4423 N. 24th Street is very well maintained and clean. The site manager provided excellent customer service."

Pati Anderson says

"Trying to get to speak with a live person is difficult. When I did finally speak with the ladies @ 66th location and went in person they were delightful. Unfortunately, when we opened #153 @ 16079 US Hwy 19, we found the ceiling had deteriorated with moisture and mold and pieces of it were falling into our belongings. When I tried to speak with someone about it today just to report it, she told me that she couldn't discuss it with me because it was not my name in the unit, however, when I tried to explain, this unit is for a business and that person is no longer employed with us, she told me she couldn't speak with me, that I would have to get that person to call them. The ladies @ 66th saw my email was the same and I showed them my card with Executive Director on it, they allowed me to make the switch and sent an email to me showing the closing of that unit. Again, I tried to explain that to the lady I spoke with this afternoon, she said we can go round and round about this, but I can't talk with you about it. Horrible customer service."

Yuilp says

"Never offered a choice of upgrades or any other information"

Jackie Shroff says

"Genuinely this site was anything but difficult to use with all help where assortment based generally speaking administrations were extraordinary which I have utilized however its designs was very little better. They have proficient courtesies so I am happy with it 9/10."

Rita says

"Renee, the office personnel, was very nice and most helpful. Of concern is that the light we were told came on after dark didn't come on at all --- not in either of the 2 controlled climate units we got. We needed light and couldn't work in the dark. Also a matter of concern is that the cylinder lock to the doors does not seem to be nearly as secure as the locks on the roll up doors."

J L says

"Was double charged. The first charge was on the 17th the second was on the 18th"

lora smith says

"Genuinely this site was anything but difficult to use with all help where assortment based generally speaking administrations were extraordinary which I have utilized however its designs was very little better. They have proficient courtesies so I am happy with it 9/10."

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